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2-Phosphoglycerate Colorimetric / Fluorometric Assay


2-Phosphoglycerate Colorimetric / Fluorometric Assay

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ADP is a product of ATP dephosphorylation, can be rephosphorylated to ATP, and regulates several enzymes involved in intermediary metabolism. ADP conversion to ATP primarily occurs within the mitochondria and chloroplast although several such processes occur in the cytoplasm. Tribioscience’s ADP Colorimetric and Fluorometric Assay kit is designed to be a robust, simple method in which ADP is converted to ATP and pyruvate. The generated pyruvate can be quantified by colorimetric (Absorbance = 570 nm) or fluorometric method (Ex/Em 530/590 nm). The assay is simple, sensitive, stable, and high-throughput adaptable with the ability to detect as low as 1 µM ADP in various biological samples.


Direct Assays: as low as 1 µM of ADP in cells and other biological samples.


Sensitive and Accurate: Use 10μL samples. Detection range 1-1000µM in 96-well plate assay.

Simple and High-Throughput: Simple procedure; takes less than 30 minutes. Kit is designed to be a robust method.

Kit Contents

Assay Buffer 24mL
Probe 120μL
Substrate 120μL
Enzyme 600μ
ADP Standard (50mM) 100μ

Shipping / Storage

Ship at 4℃,Store at -20℃ (Except Enzyme, warm all of the components to room temperature before use. Briefly centrifuge all small vials prior to opening.)

Shelf Life

3 months

Manual (protocol)

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