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3D Cell Culture Gel - Col-Tgel   for tumor cell, stem cell and primary cell
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Cat.# Stiffness Volume Strength 3 Stiffness Application Price Order
P720S-2 Soft 2 mL 0.9 ~ 1.5 kPa Circulating cells, Nerve cells, BT474, HL60, P39 $ 109.00
P720S-10 Soft 10 mL $ 389.00
P720M-2 Med 2 mL 14 ~ 20 kPa Muscle cells, Adipose cells, C2C12, HepG2 $ 109.00
P720M-10 Med 10 mL $ 389.00
P720H-2 Stiff 2 mL 35 ~ 47 kPa Bone cells $ 109.00
P720H-10 Stiff 10 mL $ 389.00
P720SMH-6 S/M/H 2 mL x 3 A combo of P720S-2, P720M-2, P720H-2 for customer testing their cells. $ 299.00
Customer can mix any two gels at any ratio to make their own special stiffness gel.
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101Bio Cat. # Fisher Sci. # Product Name
P720SMH-6 NC1982687 3D cell culture gel - Col-Tgel (2 mL for each stiffness) Link to Fisher Sci.
P720H-10 NC2222815 3D cell culture gel - Col-Tgel (Stiff, 10 ml) Link to Fisher Sci.
P720M-10 NC2222814 3D cell culture gel - Col-Tgel (Medium, 10 ml) Link to Fisher Sci.
P720S-10 NC2222813 3D cell culture gel - Col-Tgel (Soft, 10 ml) Link to Fisher Sci.


Col-Tgel is a tailorable 3D cell culture matrix for tumor cell, stem cell and primary cell. We provide soft, medium and stiff gel for your different cell types.

It provides collagen backbone for cell attachment and allows customizing matrix components by additional extracellular matrix, growth factors, cytokines, and/or hormones for optimizing three dimensional cell culture.

This product is for research use only.

Stiffness selection for different cell types

3D Cell Culture Gel - 3 stiffness

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Formation of tumor spheroids in Col-Tgel

Col-Tgel for tumor cell, stem cell and primary cell

Fang, JY., etc. PloS one 9, no. 8 (2014): e105616.

For immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry method, please refer to Page 2 of this publication.

Unique Features

  • Handle at room temperature  (no need on ice)
  • Save money:  30% below market price
  • Save time: No hanging drop, rotating wall vessel bioreactors
  • 3 stiffness(unique feature): to fit most cell types
  • 2 mL aliquotes: avoid freeze-thaw cycle - user friendly
  • Cytokine / Hormon free: no background
  • Flexible:

    -   Col-Tgel can be customized for different experiments.
    -   Geometry:  3D embedding, 2D seeding on the top of hydrogel, or unique molds.
    -   Sample size and quantity:  6- to 96- well with/without tissue culture insert or transwell.
    -   Matrix component and stiffness:  collagen-based with different yield strength (i.e. Soft, Med and Stiff).
    -   Transparency:  easy to observe directly under microscopes and can apply with immunohistochemistry directly.

  • Col-Tgel is a tailorable collagen-based, cell remodelable hydrogel system. It not only can be used a carrier for cell or drug delivery, but also in vitro cell culture platforms. Besides, it contains cell essential nutrients, and provides a stable and durable platform for long-term studies such as cell-cell, cell-matrix interactions, and etc.
3D Cell Culture Gel - Col-Tgel for tumor cell, stem cell and primary cell, easy handling

Shipping / Storage

Ship at room temperature. Store Component A (gel) at 4oC, and store Component B (crosslinker) at -80oC for 9 months shelf life, or at -20oC for 3 months, or at 4oC for 1 month. Avoid freeze-thaw cycle for Component B.

Shelf Life

Component A: 12 months at 4oC

Component B: 9 months at -80oC; 3 months at -20oC; 1 month at 4oC

Manual (protocol)
  3D Cell Culture Gel - Col-Tgel


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* Different names (TGase gel, TG gel) were used in old publications. They referred to the same 3D cell culture gel, and we finally name it as Col-Tgel.
3D Cell Culture Gel - Col-Tgel for tumor cell, stem cell and primary cell, easy handling
3D Cell Culture Gel - Col-Tgel for tumor cell, stem cell and primary cell, in vitro and in vivo
Tumor and regular tissue progression and development in Col-Tgel for in vitro and in vivo application.
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