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pLenti-SFFV-MCS-EF1-HygR Lentivirial Expression Vector


Lentivirus vector based on the human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) has become a promising vector for gene transfer studies. Lentiviral vectors packaged as lentiviral particles is one of the most efficient tools to deliver exogenous genes into virtually any types of mammalian cells both in vitro and in vivo, and their use is now commonplace in academic laboratories and industry for both research and clinical gene therapy applications. The advantageous feature of lentivirus vector is the ability of gene transfer and integration into both dividing and non-dividing cells, with low immune response and toxicity in vivo. These viruses also integrate stably into the host genome, enabling long- term transgene expression. Hence, the number of applications to introduce gene product using lentiviruses for in vitro systems, animal models and in clinical trials has been increasing worldwide.

Our third generation lentiviral systems have been designed for increased researcher safety. pLenti-SFFV-MCS-EF1-HygR Lentiviral Vector contains the MCS for insertion of gene-of-interest (GOI) driven by SFFV promoter and HygR driven by EF1a promoter. The EF1-HygR cassette permits hygromycin selection.

Product Name pLenti-SFFV-MCS-EF1-HygR Lentivirial Expression Vector
Shipping Condition

Room Temperature - 2 Day Shipping

Storage and Stability

Store at -20°C immediately upon receipt. This product is stable for 6 months when stored as directed.

Quality Control

This plasmid is sequence verified.

Restricted Use

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Documents Product Specification Sheet LV453 pLenti-SFFV-MCS-EF1-HygR.pdf