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Yeast Total Protein Extraction Kit for SDS-PAGE


Yeast Total Protein Extraction Kit for SDS-PAGE

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Product Description

This Yeast Total Protein Extraction kit for SDS-PAGE provides a simple, rapid, and reproducible method for preparation of total cellular protein extracts from yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. This method uses our special lysis buffer PE1 and PE2 to enhance the permeability of yeast cell wall prior to protein extraction with cell lysis buffer PE3. The proteins extracted with our kit retain their immunoreactive properties and are suitable for a variety of applications in molecular biology and biochemistry studies, e.g recombinant protein analysis and Western Blot.

It provides reagents for up to 50x extractions and can easily be scaled up to accommodate larger amounts of cells. Generates total protein samples in about 30 minutes

Storage / Shipping

Ship at room temperature. Store at room temperature.

Shelf Life

24 months


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