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Fast Human IFN-Gamma ELISA Maxi

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1 x 96-well

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Store condition refer to the manual. Ship at 4°C.

Shelf Life

3 months

Manual (protocol)

Fast Human IFN-γ ELISA Maxi is a solid phase ELISA designed to measure human IFN- γ levels in cell culture supernatants, serum, and plasma.

Key Features:

  • Novel Proprietary ELISA Approach
  • Fast: only 1 hour, not 5.
  • Simple: Sample and Detection combined in one step.
  • Easy: All procedures are performed at room temperature.
  • High Sensitivity: The low detection limit is 8.0pg/ml.

The levels of human IFN- γ samples are in parallel to the standard curves obtained using the kit standards linearly. The results indicate that this kit can be used to determine relative mass values for natural human IFN-γ protein. The intensity of the color is measured by a plate reader at 450 nm.