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Magnetic Beads (for DNA purification)


Magnetic Beads (for DNA purification) Flyer

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For DNAs (dsDNA or ssDNA, ≥ 100 base) purification in NGS library preparation, microarray sample preparation, PCR products purification, Sanger sequencing, gene cloning, and many other procedures with DNA purifications.
  • Purify DNA in 15 minutes
  • Higher efficiency,   lower price !
  • Compatible with all existing instruments
This product is for research use only.


80 ~ 95% of input DNA (≥ 100 base)

Shipping / Storage

Ship and store at 4℃. Do not freeze.

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)


Precipitates during storage is normal. Shake well to homogenous solution before each use. Thoroughly pipetting or vortexing is critical for high yield.
Additional magnetic racks for tubes or plates are required.
Good quality and recovery rate of our magnetic beads in purifying 100bp and 150bp DNA :
Magnetic Beads for DNA purification, NGS DNA purification
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