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Transfection Reagent


Transfection Reagent

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(0.1 mL)

$ 369.00
(1 mL)
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Delivers DNA and siRNA to cells. This product is for research used only.

Product Size

1 mL


Transfection Reagent are of unique nanoparticles that deliver more DNA and siRNA to cells than other lipid-based transfection kits.

  • No media changes needed
  • Antibiotics and serum compatible – no need to remove
  • Save cost (vs. antibodies-beads method)
  • One-step incubation - 15 minutes
  • Work for most cell types

Shipping / Storage

Ship at room temperature and store at 4℃. (Do not freeze)

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)


For different cell type, the seeding cell density may vary. Customer should test the seeding condition to ensure the 70 ~ 80% confluency at the time of transfection. The transfection efficiency also depend on the cell type. For difficult-to-be-transfected cells, customer can try to increase the 101Transfection reagent volume up to 4 μl per μg of DNA.

Required materials that is not provided in this kit : serum-free DMEM with High Glucose

Positive control (optional) : human embryonic kidney 293T cells

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