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FBS Alternative (Xeno-free)
Human Platelet Lysate Xeno-free Cell Culture Medium Supplement
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This FBS Alternative is human platelet lysate based growth factor-rich Xeno-free Medium Supplement.

  • Support cell growth better than FBS
  • Xeno-free
  • Virus-free
  • Mycoplasma-free
  • Lot-to-Lot Consistent

Product Description

This human platelet lysate based growth factor-rich Xeno-free Medium Supplement is a superior alternative/replacement for FBS. The human platelets are collected at AABB accredited U.S. blood and plasma centers. Each donor is tested for infectious diseases using FDA approved methods for testing transfusable blood products. This product is manufactured using multiple donor units to create large batches (>100L) of consistent and reliable cytokine rich replacement for FBS.

This product is for research use only.

Improved cell proliferation rates over FBS

Human Platelet Lysate Xeno-free Medium Supplement

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Figure 1. Comparison of passage 4 bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (BM-MSC) and adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) grown in culture medium supplemented with either FBS Alternative or FBS for 7 days. Data represents total number of cells after 7 days in culture.

Quality Control

Each batch of FBS Alternative is extensively tested to ensure optimal growth of cells and lot consistency. It is sterile filtered through a 0.2µm filter and tested per USP guidelines for bacterial, fungal and mycoplasma contamination. The FBS Alternative is also tested for cell growth, pH, osmolality, endotoxin, protein content and metabolic panel.

Shipping / Storage

Ship on dry ice.

This product should be stored at ≤-20°C prior to use (-80°C is recommended for long term storage). Multiple freeze thaw cycles are not recommended. If smaller volumes will be used, the FBS Alternative should be aliquoted and stored at ≤-20°C for later use.

This product should be thawed at 37°C. Do not leave the FBS Alternative at 37°C for extended periods of time.

Turbidity or flocculant material may appear after thaw or storage at 2-8°. This is normal and does not affect product performance.

Shelf Life

1 years

Preparation Instructions

Add FBS Alternative to culture medium to a final concentration of 10% (v/v). It is recommended that the optimal concentration be determined for each cell line and/or application. Cells should be closely monitored during culture due to the increased proliferation rate compared to FBS.


This product contains human source material and should be handled with currently acceptable universal precautions for biological samples.

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