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WB Membrane Luminous Pen


WB Membrane Luminous Pen

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This WB Membrane Luminous Pen is designed to mark the molecular weight ladder bands on the PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane, which will finally give you visible molecular weight ladder bands on X-ray film. You no longer need to align the WB result with original membrane blot. This simplify the procedure of marking the molecular weight standard and improve accuracy.

This product is for research use only. WB Membrane Luminous Pen, Western blot membrane marker pen

Demo result

WB Membrane Luminous Pen, Western blot membrane marker pen

The bands of molecular weight standard ladder were marked by 101Bio WB Membrane Luminous Pen. After development, they can be visualized on X-ray film as record for further analysis.

How to use

After transferring proteins from gels to PVDF / nitrocellulose membranes, mark the molecular weight ladder bands (pre-stained or Ponceau S stained) with this Pen, and then do regular hybridization procedures. After Chemiluminescent development step, the marked bands of the molecular weight ladder can be visualized. This WB Membrane Luminous Pen can be used for any personal noting, marking on the WB membrane, or as positive control for WB.


Ship at 4℃. Store at 4℃ for up to 6 months. Do not freeze.

Manual (protocol)
  WB Membrane Luminous Pen


  • 1. This Pen is suitable for HRP substrate system.
  • 2. After using, store this Pen horizontally in 4oC, do not freeze.
  • 3. Before each use of this Pen, scribble / draw on other paper to make sure it has strong signal later on membrane. Then mark the WB membrane.
  • 4. When marking the membrane, be gentle to avoid destroying the membrane. Do not use strong force.
  • 5. The signal strength may gradually decrease as you use the Pen.
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