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Pure Plasmid 96 Miniprep Kit


Pure Plasmid 96 Miniprep Kit

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Sample Yield Elution Method DNA Quality
1 ~ 1.3 mL E. Coli per well of 96-well 3 ~ 10 μg plasmid DNA 80 ~ 100 μL Spin Column PCR, Enzyme digestion, Sequencing
This product is for research use only.

Description and features

This kit is based on a modified alkaline lysis method, with improved reagent formulation and silica membrane, which has high adsorption efficiency of the plasmid DNA. The proteins, genomes, RNA and other impurities can be removed after washing and an elution.

3 ~ 10 μg of plasmid DNA can be purified from one well (1 ~ 1.3 mL) of overnight culture of E. Coli in LB medium in 96-well plate with this kit.

The extracted DNA can be directly used for PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, and sequencing. No need to precipitate, concentrate or desalt.

Shipping / Storage

Ship at room temperature. Store RNase A or RNase A added buffer P1 at 4oC

Shelf Life

12 months (see manual for detail)

Manual (protocol)
  Pure Plasmid 96 Miniprep Kit

General Procedure

Pure Plasmid DNA 96 Miniprep Kit, Plasmid DNA 96 purification Kit


Components Amount Storage
Buffer P1 125 mL Room temperature; store at 4oC if RNase A is added.
Buffer P2 125 mL Room temperature
Buffer N3 160 mL Room temperature
Buffer PS 100 mL Room temperature
Buffer PB 240 mL Room temperature
Buffer PW ( concentrate ) 50 mL x 2 Room temperature
Buffer EB 60 mL Room temperature
RNase A ( 10 mg/mL ) 1.25 mL 4oC
Filter-96-Plate 4 Room temperatureC
Bind-96-Plate 4 Room temperatureC
Collection Plate (96-well) 8 Room temperatureC
Sealing Film 16 Room temperatureC
Exosome Isolation Purity > 95%
Protein Extraction 1 min total protein, 40 min membrane protein
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PCR Kits 50% < Mkt price
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