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Human CD34+ Cell Culture Medium


Human CD34+ Cell Culture Medium

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This kit is for culture and expansion of human CD34+ cells. The cells could be obtained from FACS sorting or MACS enrichment.
This product is for research use only.

Product Size

8 reactions: 4 x 2 wells of 6-well plate (up to 2x106 cells / well),  17.2 ml


CD34+ cells can proliferate in this medium for 3 to 4 days. There will be some non-directional differentiation of the CD34+ cells. If culturing for more than 3 or 4 days, most cells differentiate to myeloid lineage.


CD34+ cells culturing kit

Shipping / Storage

Ship on dry ice.   Store at -80℃ upon arrival.

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)    Human CD34+ Cell Culture Medium


Components Amount Storage
CD34+ Basal Medium 15 ml -80℃
CD34+ Culture Supplements 430 µl / vial x 4 vials -80℃
Exosome Isolation Purity > 95%
Exosome-TEM-easy Kit Clear staining, lower background
Protein Extraction 1 min total protein, 40 min membrane protein
3D Cell Culture Gel 30% < Mkt Price
PCR Kits 50% < Mkt price
Mouse Brain Microvessel Isolation Kit Easy protocol and high yield
Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Kits maxi, midi and mini-prep