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Human MEP Cell Culture Medium
(human megakaryocyte–erythroid progenitor cell culture medium)
Ready to use,   minimum differentiation


Human MEP Cell Culture Medium  
(human megakaryocyte–erythroid progenitor cell culture medium)

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This medium is for short term in vitro culture of human megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor (MEP) cells. The bipotency of MEP cells can be maintained.
This medium can also be used for megakaryocyte progenitors (MkP) cells or Erythroid progenitor (ErP) cells. But cells may differentiate after 4 days of culture.
This product is for research use only.

Product Size

8 reactions: 4 x 2 wells of 6-well plate (500 to 5x105 cells / well),   13.4 ml


MEP cells can be cultured in vitro using this medium for 1-2 days without differentiation. This let MEP recovery after sorting, or to keep the MEP for a short period before or/and after virus transduction.
MEP cells can be enriched from CD34+ hematopoietic cells using different strategies for cell surface marker staining and fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) selection. For example, the LinCD34+CD38+IL3RACD45RA population (1), the LinCD34+CD38+CD135CD110CD7CD45RA population (2), the LinCD34+CD38midCD45RAFLT3ꟷMPL+CD36CD41 population (3), are reported to be used as enriched MEP. Customers can choose different strategies or modify based on these for their experiment according to the purity required.
If you need to culture human CD34+ cells, please use our Human CD34+ Cell Culture Medium, Cat.# P771.

Downstream colony-formation assay

MEP, MkP, ErP culturing kit
Sorted MEPs are cultured in this MEP cell culture media for 2 days and then transferred to MegaCult for colony formation for 14 days.

Shipping / Storage

Ship on dry ice.   Store at -80℃ upon arrival.

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)    Human MEP Cell Culture Medium


Components Amount Storage
MEP Basal Medium 12 ml -80℃
MEP Culture Supplements 350 µl / vial x 4 vials -80℃


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