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Nuclei and Cytosol Isolation Kit for Adipose Tissues


Nuclei and Cytosol Isolation Kit for Adipose Tissues

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This kit provides a very rapid and simple method for obtaining high purity nuclei from adipose tissues.

This product is for research use only.

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20 reactions


Adipocytes are the major energy storage sites in the body and they also have critical endocrine functions. Therefore, understanding the development and function of adipocytes are essential to understanding metabolic homeostasis under physiological and pathological conditions. Fractionation of cellular components into nucleus and cytosolic fraction is a common practice in the lab. However, when it comes to adipocytes, separation of these two fractions are much more difficult because of high concentration of lipid droplet and low protein content of adipocytes. Methods reported in the literature are tedious and time consuming and as much as 50 grams of tissue are required. This kit provides a very rapid and simple method for obtaining high purity nuclei from adipose tissues and most important of all, only milligram amounts of tissues are required making it possible to isolate nuclei and cytosol from small animal and biopsy samples.

  • Fast - 30 minutes
  • Only require 120-150 mg tissue

Shipping / Storage

Ship and store at ambient temperature

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)


Components Amount Storage
N/C Buffer 15 mL     Room temperature
1.5 ml Tube 20 Room temperature
Pestles for 1.5 ml tube 2 Room temperature
Filter cartridges with collection tubes 20 Room temperature


  • Make sure your freezer is about -20oC. Otherwise the result will not be good.
  • For determination of protein concentration, BCA kit is recommended.
  • 3. To study protein phosphorylation, phosphatase inhibitors (such as PhosStop from Roche) should be added to N/C buffer prior to use. The use of protease inhibitor cocktails is optional. If you are interested in use of cytosolic protein for downstream experiment, protease inhibitors should be added to N/C Buffer prior to use.
  • This protocol is developed and validated by 101Bio’s OEM partner. Spin column based protein extraction and cell fractionation technologies were developed by 101Bio’s OEM partner.
Nuclei and Cytosol Isolation Kit for Adipose Tissues
Adipose nuclear protein
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