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Detergent-Free Nuclei Isolation Kit


Detergent-Free Nuclei Isolation Kit

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  • Fast - 20 minutes
  • Native - detergent-free and intact
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This kit isolates intact nuclei in less than 20 minutes without using any detergent and a tissue homogenizer.
Detergent-Free Nuclei Isolation Kit
Isolated nuclei from frozen mouse tissues (trypan blue staining)
This product is for research use only.


This Detergent-free Nuclei Isolation Kit is designed to rapidly isolate intact nuclei from animal cultured cells or tissues (fresh or frozen). Unlike many other methods in which detergents are used to lyse the cell membranes, intact nuclei can be isolated from the samples using this kit in less than 20 minutes without using any detergent and a tissue homogenizer.
The detergent usage will cause nuclei to aggregate, and aggregation is difficult to be dissociated into single nucleus.
To overcome this problem, our kit use a special detergent-free Buffer A to sensitize the cells for mechanical disruption. Then the sensitized cell suspension is rapidly passed through a specially designed tilter cartridge. During this procedure, the cell membranes are ruptured and give intact native nuclei in the flow through. The nuclei are then separated from other small cell debris by low speed centrifugation in the presence of our proprietary Buffer B.
The isolated nuclei can be used for a variety of applications which include but not limited to: FACS analysis, chromosome immunoprecipitation (ChIP), immunofluorescence staining, cell cycle analysis and/or apoptosis research. The isolated nuclei can also be used as a starting material for isolation/purification of DNA, RNA, proteins and other cellular components.
  • Fast - 20 minutes
  • Native - detergent-free and intact

Shipping / Storage

Ship at room temperature. Store Buffer A and Buffer B at 4oC, and store the rest of the kit at RT

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)

(Cat.#: P524-20)

Components Amount Storage
Buffer A 15 mL     4oC
Buffer B 30 mL     4oC
Plastic rod 2 Room temperature
Nuclei isolation filter cartridges 20 Room temperature
Collection tubes 20 Room temperature


  • This protocol is developed and validated by 101Bio’s OEM partner. Spin column based protein extraction and cell fractionation technologies were developed by 101Bio’s OEM partner.
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