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Protein Extraction Kit for Hair, Nail, Wool and Horn


Protein Extraction Kit for Hair, Nail, Wool and Horn

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This kit is designed to effectively extract proteins from keratinized animal tissues without using strong denaturants (such as urea, thiourea, guanidine hydrochloride or a combination of these).

The extracted protein can be directly loaded onto SDS-PAGE gel without concentrating.

The extracted protein concentration is 1-2 mg/mL.

The extracted protein can be used in SDS-PAGE, immunoblottings, ELISA and other applications.

This product is for research use only.


Proteins account for about 80% of keratinized animal tissues that include but not limited to hair, nail, horn and wool. These tissues contain mainly hard α-keratins made of several distinctive types of protein with molecular weight ranging from 10-135 Kda. Majority of the proteins are ranging from 10-65 Kda. Several methods have been reported for protein extraction from keratinized animal tissues. The extraction buffer usually contains high concentration of urea, thiourea, guanidine hydrochloride or a combination of these strong denaturants. Protein extraction with high concentration denaturants is relatively effective but the concentration of extracted protein is usually low due to larger extraction buffer/tissue ratio. Extracted proteins need to be concentrated prior to further analysis. The presence of high concentration of denaturants may also interfere with downstream application.

We have developed a novel technology to extract protein from keratinized tissues without using those strong denaturants.

The extracted proteins concentration is higher (1-2 mg/mL) than other methods.

The extraction buffer of this kit contains 0.5% SDS and other chemicals.

Shipping / Storage

Ship and store at room temperature.

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)

(Cat.#: P521-20)

Components Amount Storage
Buffer A 15 mL Room temperature
Buffer B 1.5 mL Room temperature
Protein extraction filter cartridges 20 Room temperature
Collection tubes 20 Room temperature


  • Protease inhibitors is not necessary prior to extraction. However if downstream application takes significant amounts of time or the protein extract will be stored for longer period of time, addition of protease inhibitors to buffer A is recommended.
  • For determination of protein concentration, BCA kit (Pierce) is recommended.
  • To study protein phosphorylation, phosphatase inhibitors (such as PhosStop from Roche) should be added to buffer A prior to use.
  • This protocol is developed and validated by 101Bio’s OEM partner. Spin column based protein extraction and cell fractionation technologies were developed by 101Bio’s OEM partner.
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