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Plasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit  (mammalian cells or tissues)


Plasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit   (mammalian cells or tissues)

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From mammalian cells or tissues, rapid extract 4 fractions within 45 minutes:
  • Plasma membrane protein
  • Organelle membrane proteins
  • Cytosol protein
  • Nuclear protein
  • Native and EDTA free

This product is for research use only.


This Plasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit is designed to rapidly isolate native total membrane proteins (organelle membrane proteins) and native plasma membrane proteins from cultured mammalian cells or tissues.

  • Simple and user friendly
  • Fast: 45 minutes
  • Wide range of starting cells (1 - 50 millions / sample)
  • Detergent and EDTA free
  • No need for Dounce homogenizer or tissue blender
  • The procedure can be completed in less than 45 min.
  • High yield

This kit is composed of optimized buffers (detergent and EDTA free) and protein extraction filter cartridges with 2.0 ml collection tubes.


plasma membrane protein extraction kit

Shipping / Storage

Ship at 4℃. Store Buffer A and Buffer B at -20℃ upon arrival, and the rest at room temperature.

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)
  Plasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit Manual


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Citation 2:
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Components Amount Storage
Cat.#: P503S Cat.#: P503   Cat.#: P503L
Buffer A 2.5 mL 10 mL 25 mL -20℃
Buffer B 1 mL 4 mL 10 mL -20℃
Protein Extraction Filter Cartridges 5 20 50 Room temperature
Collection tubes with cap 5 20 50 Room temperature
Plastic rods 1 1 4 Room temperature
Tissue dissociation beads 0.5g 2g 5g Room temperature


  • Protease inhibitors is not necessary prior to extraction. However if downstream application takes significant amounts of time or the protein extract will be stored for longer period of time, addition of protease inhibitors to cell lysis buffer is recommended.
  • For determination of protein concentration, BCA kit (Pierce) is recommended.
  • To study protein phosphorylation, phosphatase inhibitors (such as PhosStop from Roche) should be added to lysis buffer prior to use.
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