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ExoFectin® sRNA-into-Exosome Kit (Electro)


ExoFectin® sRNA-into-Exosome Kit (Electro)

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Load nuclei acids ( miRNA and siRNA ) into pure exosomes ( isolated by our kits: Cat.# P100, P101, P120, P121 ). This product is for research use only.


50% ~ 85% transfection efficiency


ExoFectin® sRNA-into-Exosome Kit (Electro) is a proprietary formation designed for the delivery of small RNA including miRNA and siRNA into exosome. This kit provides the following advantages:

  • high loading efficiency
  • gentle on treated exosomes
  • easy to use

Shipping / Storage

Ship and store at 4℃. (Do not freeze.)

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)
   ExoFectin® sRNA-into-Exosome Kit (Electro)


Citation 1:
MARTINEZ N., SAITTA S., PATACQ C. Utilisation d’exosomes comme bithérapie contre le cancer du colon . Projet de recherche 2013-2014.


Components Amount Storage
ExoFectin Solution A 700 ul 4℃
ExoFectin Solution B 400 ul 4℃
Electroporation cuvettes 10 Room Temperature
Sterile transfer pipettes 10 Room Temperature


  • The efficiency of electroporation transfection depends on the quality of the exosomes. We do not suggest to start with impure exosome samples prepared by PEG method.
  • The efficiency of electroporation also depends on the optimal concentration of the exosomes and small RNA. Different RNA and exosome from different source may have different optimal concentration. We suggest customer to test different combinations in the first experiment.
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