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Exosomal RNA and Protein Extraction kit (Cat.#: P200, P200R, P200P)


Exosomal RNA and Protein Extraction Kit (Cat.# P200)

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Cat. #

(Exosomal RNA and Protein Extraction kit)

(Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit only)

(Exosomal Protein Lysis Buffer only)

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For extracting both exosomal RNA (including microRNA) and/or exosomal protein from pure exosome isolated by our Exosome Isolation Kits (Cat.#: P100, P101, P120, P121). This product is for research use only.

Product Size

20 reactions


In each reaction, from 50 µL ~ 100 µL pure exosome, 50 ~ 100 ng exosomal RNA or 150 ~ 200 µg exosomal protein can be extracted.

Shipping / Storage

Ship at 4℃, and store at -20℃ and room temperature (see component stable below). Upon receiving keep all bottles upright, at proper temperature (component table below) in dark place.

Shelf Life

6 months

Manual (protocol)
   Cat.# P200     Exosomal RNA and Protein Extraction Kit
   Cat.# P200R   Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit
   Cat.# P200P   Exosomal Protein Lysis Buffer


Citation 1:
Li X, Liu L, Yang J, Yu Y, Chai J, Wang L, Ma L, Yin H. Exosome Derived From Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mediates MiR-181c Attenuating Burn-induced Excessive Inflammation. EBioMedicine. 2016,


Components (Cat.# P200R) Amount Storage
N1 5 mL Room temperature
N2 1 mL Room temperature
N3 2.5 mL Room temperature
N4 10 mL Room temperature
RNA Elution Buffer 0.5 mL Room temperature

Components (Cat.# P200P) Amount Storage
Exosomal Protein Lysis Buffer * 2 mL - 20℃

* Store at 4℃ for 7 days or aliquot and store at - 20℃ for up to 6 months.


Important: RNA is sensitive to RNase. Before starting RNA extraction, prepare clean lab bench and wipe working surface and pipettors with RNase decontamination solution, such as Ambion® RNaseZap®. Always wear clean laboratory gloves during manipulation.
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