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Human Exosome, purified from normal human serum

Why our exosome so pure?
Answer: By targeted filtration, our filter of specific binding treatment removes protein contaminant to isolate exosome at 95% high purity.        Click to see pure exosome images


Human Exosome, purified from normal human serum

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P140       Human Exosome, purified from normal human serum
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Normal human exosome can be used as:
  • Standard exosome control
  • To study human exosome activity
  • Using our PureExo filtration method, the purified exosome does not contain any polymer or detergent (SDS, NP-40 or trition), so it is safe for mass spectrometry.

    This product is for research use only.


      The 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the discovery of cell vesicle transportation. This elucidates the importance of vesicles, including exosome, in cellular communication and their potential use in diagnostics and therapy.

      Exosome is nano-sized (30 ~ 200nm) vesicles secreted by cells that play important role in intercellular communication and cell signaling. Exosome contains specific RNA transcripts, including shuttle RNA, mainly mRNA and microRNA, which are thought to be involved in this cell-cell communication. Exosome naturally transports these RNAs between cells. It potentially carrying as disease signals (transcripts) that can be used as biomarkers. These exosome might also be useful in gene cancer therapy to deliver therapeutic short interfering RNA (siRNA) to the target cells.

      Exosome is now believed to be present in all body fluids, especially serum/plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and saliva. This product is pure exosome isolated from normal human serum using our PureExo kit. The purity is warranted.

    Shipping / Storage

    Ship in dry ice, store in -80℃.

    Shelf Life

    6 months


    The exosome was isolated from serum that was tested for bloodborne pathogen (HIV, HBV and HCV).
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    The yield of exosomal protein and exsomal RNA from the human exosome is good.
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    Pure exosome isolated from normal human serum, stained by Ponceau S.
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